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About Genie Pants

You shimmy gracefully across the sand, feeling the smooth silk of your new pants brush against your thighs. With a pair of genie pants, looking exotic during the summer is easy. Featuring legs that billow and vibrant colors, these pants are ideal for teaming with bikinis for a beachwear look that is effortlessly stylish. As these pants are so loose, they can help you stay cool during the summer. Team them with your best thongs or sandals for a look that bridges the gap between casual and fashion forward. If you are looking to play dress up or you would like to try belly dancing, opt for a pair of Aladdin genie pants. With legs that are extra wide, these pants make shimmying and kicking comfortable as you perform belly dancing routines. Alternatively, if you want to try adding luxury to your outfit, opt for silk genie pants. Thanks to their vibrant sheen, silk pants are perfect for creating a bohemian look. When you shop the vast inventory on eBay for your new genie pants, you can find the right pair for comfort and style. When yours arrive, accessorize them with colorful jewels for an authentically exotic image. Get your dance on.