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About General Electric

Founded on the lighting experiments and patents of Thomas Edison, for more than a century General Electric has enabled millions of people and businesses to "live better electrically" through their durable and innovative appliances, electronics, lighting, and more. General Electric appliances and electronics also carry with them a sense of nostalgia appreciated by connoisseurs of mid-century decor and collectors of retro memorabilia. Explore the extensive selection of General Electric clocks, radios, kitchen appliances and more, available from the reliable vendors on eBay. Whip up your grandma's famous lemon pound cake with a genuine General Electric mixer. Choose working stand mixers and handheld mixers in perfectly retro hues of pink, yellow, and turquoise. Make sure your cake is baked to Grandma-level accuracy by watching your General Electric clock. Choose a fabulous 1950s turquoise wall clock, a 1940s Art Deco Narcissus shelf clock, or a stunning antique wooden mantel clock. You might even choose to store your cake in a genuine vintage General Electric refrigerator, all available on eBay, to give your home that retro look you adore.

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