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About Gemstone Lot

Gemstones have an inherent natural beauty that inspires awe with their rich opaque or translucent colors and curious shapes. A gemstone lot provides plenty of inspiration within its vast assortment, in shapes, conditions, or colors you prefer. Choose a lot based on gemstones from a particular region to start a geographically themed collection. A mixed gemstone lot offers the best of all worlds with all kinds of goodies to choose from, such as faceted gems in champagne tones, or assortments of opals in fiery tones, already shaped into cabochons for your next jewelry-making project. If raw beauty is more your style, a rough gemstone lot offers the chance to enjoy gemstones in their true natural form. Collect and display them as-is to enjoy them anytime, or add them to your next batch in a rock tumbler to polish them smooth. No matter which type of gemstone lot best suits your needs, reliable sellers on eBay offer an incredible assortment to choose from.