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About Gemini

As a musician or even a DJ, you have enormous amounts of talent and unlimited potential, but in order to reach your full potential, you need quality equipment to work with, such as the Gemini products. Even the best music can sound awful when played through a low-quality sound system. Your audience wants to hear you and your unique sound as intended. The brand has a huge selection of every kind of sound equipment you can think of, including a Gemini turntable to play vinyl records on, professional mixers, complete speaker sets, or individual speakers. As a DJ or musician, you can easily start up your business with every piece of equipment you need by buying new or used sets on eBay. An example is the Gemini GT-1004 set of two passive PA speakers and two tripod stands. Getting a set is usually a better deal than buying individual pieces. With the right music equipment, you can be heard, loud and clear.

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