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About Gel Seat Cushions

Many long-haul truckers and desk-bound administrative assistants have something in common … sore bums. Happily, a gel seat cushion provides long-lasting relief to people who sit for hours on end. Using unique, patented technology, the WonderGel original seat cushion features a soft, rubber-like gel that eliminates pressure points, cradling and supporting all bottoms — bony, muscular, or broad. Because the gel is breathable, the cushion stays cool and comfortable. When not in use, the original shape returns in a snap, leaving no permanent impressions. A zippered cover removes easily for convenient washing, and the carrying handle offers easy transport. People looking for a gel car seat cushion or an orthopedic gel seat cushion often turn to the GSeat. Its pressure-dispersing design features a 5-degree forward slope, which normalizes lumbar curvature while sitting or driving and reduces lower back strain for hours of comfort. Shoppers with sore bums find these comfy cushions and more on eBay, offered through trustworthy sellers. Whether traveling across the country or working behind a desk, all bums deserve a cozy and comfortable gel seat cushion.