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About Gears of War

Maneuver the Delta Squad in their final effort to save a human remnant from the terrible onslaught of the Locust Horde. The game Gears of War achieves definite epic status with its military atmosphere, its science fiction setting, and a sweeping storyline that develops through cinematics. Fans of the third-person shooter genre should appreciate the broad array of maps, with 10 multiplayer maps with the game and six more free to download on the Xbox Live Marketplace. In addition, the game has four multiplayer modes, including Annex, Execution, Warzone, and Assassination. The Locust Horde surges through each scenario, forcing players to hide, strategize, and attack using special weapons. You can buy a new or preowned Gears of War game or the Gears of War triple pack online from reliable eBay sellers. Wear a Gears of War shirt and host a party so that your buddies can join you in-game as well as in person. Working together with your friends as your multiplayer teammates, you can enjoy hours of pulse-pounding fun with Gears of War.