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About GE

Since its formation, GE has been providing high-quality electrical products to consumers throughout the world. The company's large selection of dishwashers, refrigerators, and radios are available on eBay, providing customers with a vast selection of electronics. GE's dishwashers have been highly rated for years and provide features such as a hard food disposer, as well as prewash and sanitizing cycles that help ensure clean dishes every time. GE washers and dryers have been impressing customers for decades and the company is continuing to provide new innovations to make sure your clothes come out perfectly clean. GE washers come with an extended tumble feature that ensure your clothes stay fresh, no matter how long they remain in the washer, and their dryers have multiple heat temperatures and an energy-saving eDry option. You can even locate the antique GE radio that has been missing from your collection for years. Since broadcasting the very first radio transmission in 1906, GE radios have become a must have for any radio collector. Coming in a wide variety of styles, these dependable AM/FM radios are perfect for anyone that is looking to add a little vintage charm to their life.