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About Gaucho

Say goodbye to skinny jeans and hello to wide-legged pants. Gaucho, or wide leg pants, offer an alternative to standard jeans and dress pants. Thanks to their elastic waistband, gaucho capri pants are comfortable even on the hottest days of summer. Of course, wide-legged pants are not just for summer wear—mid-calf length and long wide-legged pants look great paired with tall boots during the winter as well. The gaucho style of pants became popular in the mid 1900s, mainly because the design is not only comfy but also flattering for all women's shapes and sizes. For that 70s retro look, choose a funky pattern for your pants and add a chic white t-shirt and bandana. On eBay, reliable sellers offer new and like-new short and long gaucho pants in multiple colors and designs. Go from a casual to a formal look with a quick change of shoes. Wear flip-flops on the weekend for a relaxed style, and pair your pants with dress shoes during the week at the office. Revamp your wardrobe by adding an article of clothing that is not only practical, but also timeless.