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About Gateway MS2274

An oldie but goodie, you love your Gateway MS2274. It is lightweight and portable while still packing raw performance. But, as with all things, the performance has faded with time and you find the computer working more slowly than before. Battle the frustration this brings by replacing worn parts and get your Gateway MS2274 back to the way it was. A replacement Gateway MS2274 motherboard that exactly matches OEM specifications can get the AMD Athlon dual-core processor back on track, but you can upgrade to a more powerful motherboard-processor combo and create an even better computing experience. If battery life has become an issue, the solution to this problem is as easy as picking up a new Gateway MS2274 battery. From the keyboard to the LCD screen, you will find the parts you need among the reliable sellers on eBay. Grab the goods, and bring your laptop back to peak performance.