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About Gas Trimmers

You purchased your first home over the winter, and you have been counting down the days to finally be able to start working in the yard. As weather warms up, you quickly realize you are going to need to buy a gas trimmer to tackle the weeds sprouting around the trees and fencing. Your property is far too large to fuss with extension cords. A gas string trimmer gives you the freedom to tend to overgrowth even at the back edge of your property. Luckily, many reliable sellers offer new and used ones on eBay. Some have a flexible straight shaft, which is ideal if you are tall, because you do not have to slouch over. Gas trimmers are fairly lightweight and very easy to maneuver. If you have hedges on your property, or if you are thinking about planting some for increased privacy, then you may want to buy a gas hedge trimmer as well. These tools make it easy to reach across large hedges to trim them, and they provide the strength needed to get through more significant branches.