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About Gas RC Car

Feel the need for speed when behind the controls of gas RC cars. With simple controls, long ranges, and even longer run times, remote-controlled cars are scaled-down versions of real vehicles driven on the roads, or souped-up looking off-road vehicles. RC cars come in various sizes, such as 1/8 scale, 1/12 scale, or even smaller. Although some RC cars run on battery power, many run on gas. The advantage of gas RC cars is that when they run low on gas, a quick fill-up gets them off and racing again. Battery-powered RC cars obviously need charged batteries to work, which can be a drag. Although nearly all cars work well on asphalt and pavement, many gas RC off-road cars run well in the dirt and on low-cut grass as well. In addition to the many RC cars available on eBay, there are numerous parts available, such as replacement chassis assemblies and gas RC car motors. Replacement parts allow users to keep their cars running for years. Sellers have new, used, and refurbished gas RC cars available at competitive prices with convenient shipping terms.

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