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About Gas & Oil

Without gas and oil, the world would probably not have a lot of the technological advancements and luxury of today. This heavy industry has provided users with fuel for transport, be it on land, sea, or air. If you remember the early days of gas and oil, then you surely love the colorful and striking gas and oil signs that promote the various oil products. Luckily, for gas and oil enthusiasts, many vintage signs and merchandise are widely available on eBay, often in very good condition. You can display your love for the gas industry and all things automobile by hanging a gas and oil clock, and even lighted signs in your garage or other rooms in your home. Besides being a valuable piece of history, signs from Mobilgas with its flying Pegasus, and Texaco with its iconic star make attractive decorations. Turn your yard into a gas station with a vintage gas pump or just collect gas memorabilia, the choice is yours.