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About Gas Masks

During the tense days of the Cold War, gas masks were commonplace on both sides of the Iron Curtain. Luckily, these are much more peaceful times, so gas masks are no longer part of an average household emergency preparation kit. Still, these items still have their uses. Many history enthusiasts collect American or Russian gas masks from the Cold War era, and World War II buffs can add German masks to their collections. Historic memorabilia collectors can also find a variety of original canisters, filters, and tanks to accompany their masks. This kind of mask has a creepy look, so it can make a great prop for a scary Halloween or cosplay costume. It also makes a cool addition to steampunk looks. Military gas masks are built to filter out strong, harmful gases, so they are useful for working with dangerous chemicals. Whether you are an antique collector, steampunk enthusiast, or need a secure addition to your hazmat suit, you can find gas masks in the vast inventory on eBay.