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About Gas Leak Detector

A gas leak detector could save your life one day by providing an early warning of the presence of unacceptable levels of toxic gases. In homes, these gases usually come from furnaces, ovens, car exhaust, and other common sources — perhaps even sources so commonplace that you would only spare them a cursory glance. Most people should have a carbon monoxide detector in their home because this gas has no color, feel, taste, or smell. Car exhaust and all other smoke from combustion contain carbon monoxide. However, too much carbon monoxide can cause suffocation and death. Many gas detectors also warn people about natural gas, butane, and propane since they are combustible. You can also buy handheld gas leak detectors to hunt down the exact location of a leak. Most detectors are electronic, but some older models require you to pump a handle, and then look for a color change in a disposable tube; more color change in the tube means more gas present. This might seem like extra work, but do not let that deter you from taking important safety measures. Use the huge inventory on eBay to find the right gas leak detector to bring you and your family peace of mind.