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About Gas Fryer

Perhaps it is those jo-jo’s that you dipped in tartar sauce at a favorite sports pub in years past or the basket of chicken at your family’s favorite roadside diner that started your culinary journey at home with the gas fryer. Your maiden voyage has likely been the early years of the propane gas fryer, marketed as perfect for a new way of preparing your Thanksgiving turkey. Whatever your indoctrination, the gas fryer is ingrained in the U.S. diet. There are many styles available from reliable eBay sellers; the choice depends on where one does most of his or her frying. Outdoor gas fryers are great for sparing the oven or range some space in the kitchen’s food-flooded holiday season. And, not all are the aluminum turkey fryer of 38,000 BTUs. For the camping family that loves breaded, fresh-caught fish, there is a square, portable, LPG gas fryer of less than two feet in height and a foot by one foot wide, easily fitting into a car or the smallest of campsites. For the stay at home type who has the perfect space in the kitchen, there are countertop gas fryers such as a new Frymaster of 20-pound capacity that measures three feet high and four by four feet wide. Start brewing up your favorite breading or batter, find the station with the game playing, and invite your friends over for some real comfort food.