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About Garlands - Home & Gardens

You rise up on your tip-toes to delicately place the final strand of garland and then step back to admire your decorative talents. Thanks to varying design elements, garland is the perfect adornment for any space during a holiday or event. The vast inventory on eBay includes selections in various colors with flowers, berries, and even beads. When the holiday season rolls around, Christmas garland with imitation fir and pine needles is festive, especially when the strands include Christmas lights and fake holly berries. On that very special day, wedding garland with ivory and roses is beautiful, delicate, and inexpensive. Step away from the more natural look with beaded garland in glass, crystal, pearl, or acrylic designs. No matter the occasion, lighted garland featuring primitive country styles or flower petals adds a soft glow and warmth to a decorated space. With a fresh and simple appeal, this faux greenery makes the perfect addition to any room.