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About Gargoyles

Scare evil spirits away from your home by adding a gargoyle to your decor. These carved stone images were first designed to carry water away from the roof in ancient architecture. However, they have also been incorporated inside old buildings such as historic churches to ward off evil from those who enter. A gargoyle statue makes an impressive figure in an entry or outdoor garden and is often called grotesque because of its menacing facial expression. With fierce features and unusual design elements, this collectible becomes a focal point whenever you have guests. You can't walk by a stone gargoyle without stopping to take in its frightening and captivating gaze. Choose one with the head of a lion or werewolf, or pick out a toad or dragon-like figure. Check out the reliable sellers on eBay and see the variety of new and used items they offer. Whether you need to keep evil away or you enjoy a striking design element, a gargoyle is the perfect addition to your collection, as well as a trustworthy guardian for your home.