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About Garfield - Collectibles

He loves lasagna, has a sarcastic sense of humor, and a knack for frustrating his loyal owner, Jon. Garfield the cat has been a favorite cartoon character in America for decades. From his beginnings in comics to his later movies and television shows, Garfield and his friends entertain children around the world with their adventures. Introduce your child to this lovable character with Garfield books and comics written by Jim Davis. Classic books like "Garfield at Large" and "Garfield Gains Weight" feature the facetious feline as he tries to outsmart Jon and works to keep Odie busy. Start your day off with a laugh with a vintage Garfield mug like the ones McDonald's gave away in the 1970s. Featuring the orange striped cat in some famous scenes from his comics, accompanied by a witty expression, the mugs make a nice collector's item. Dependable eBay sellers offer a wide selection of Garfield books, figurines, toys, and other memorabilia.