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About Gardner - Books

Remember the time you stayed cozy in bed all day, and did absolutely nothing but read a great book? Treat yourself to a day like that again with a book by Gardner. Erle Stanley Gardner wasn’t just a writer; he was also a lawyer who was a little rough around the edges. Since he was one of the few men who wasn’t afraid to admit that he wrote to make money, it isn’t hard to tell that a character like himself might have had something entertaining to write about. With over a hundred novels and short stories to choose from, you delve into his mystery books every day of the year. Lucky for you, the reliable sellers on eBay offer many of these titles new or pre-loved, so you are ready to stay in bed all day with a book the next time life presents you with an opportunity to. When you’re done getting lost in the fictional lives of others, you satisfy your curiosity on countless topics written by Martin Gardner. This inquisitive man couldn’t get enough of anything in life, so he wrote about a huge variety of topics. Satisfy your need for knowledge by reading this brilliant authors opinion on almost anything, from math to puzzles to dissecting Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Both of these Gardners were exemplary men, so pick up a copy of one of their books to dive into the workings of their magnificent minds.

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