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About Gap Vest

Many people look forward to the arrival of spring for a much-needed thaw, summer for days at the beach, autumn for apples and pumpkin picking, and winter for rich, warm soups, shopping, and holiday parties. In-between weather brings in-between style, and although you cannot predict what the day might bring from one minute to the next, you can at least prepare yourself with a Gap vest. These vests are great for looking stylish year round. They add just the warmth you need on chilly spring mornings and cool fall evenings, and in winter, you can wear one over a long-sleeved shirt and have room to wear a coat over it. You can even pack a vest in your work tote to wear over a short-sleeved polo when the AC is on full force at your office. On eBay, you can search a wide collection of garments, available new and used from reliable sellers, to find a Gap vest perfectly suited for you. To prepare for winter, choose a Gap fur vest, complete with a zipper and button closure and faux-fur-lined hood. On the other hand, you could just get a Gap jean vest to wear in comfort year round.