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About Gap Sweaters

A Gap sweater, you may say, is the equivalent of a cup of soup on a cold winter day: warm, inviting, and tantalizing to the senses. Sweaters are soft, comfortable, and quite warm. They come in many styles, including V-neck designs, turtlenecks, and cardigans. Some come in long, draping, and oversized designs, while others are short and sharp, ending at the hip instead. You can find a Gap sweater in many colors, including wintertime classic shades like gray, black, and navy blue. You can shop on eBay for a sweater of your personal preference, and are bound to find one among the myriad of garments available. Here, you can peruse a large collection of sweaters from Gap, new and used, and available from reliable sellers. Perhaps a Gap striped sweater with wide, chunky alternating bands of color is perfect for adding warmth and cheer to your favorite wintertime wardrobe. You may decide that a Gap sweater cardigan, featuring a sharp, modern, button-down closure perfectly matches your work trousers, and may give you motivation to head out the door on a dark December morning.