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About Ganesh Statues

When your luck only seems to go from bad to worse, you may need a Ganesh statue to finally turn things around. The Hindu Lord Ganesh is famous all over the world as a purveyor of good luck and a remover of obstacles. Also called Ganesha, Ganapati, or Vinayaka, he represents siddhi, or success, and buddhi, or intelligence. He is the god of education, literature, fine arts, and learning in the Hindu religion. A beautiful brass or bronze Ganesh statue makes a perfect good luck gift for someone beginning a new venture, such as moving into a new house or starting a new job. The statues come in many different poses and sizes, including life-sized statues for temples and gardens and pocket-sized figurines. Some statues feature Ganesh dancing joyfully, fighting demons with swords, or even enjoying a sweet modak pastry. He often appears riding a mouse, which symbolizes negative qualities such as anger, pride, and selfishness. Most designs featuring the chubby, jolly god date back to the seventh century with modern replicas crafted in stone, wood, and many other materials. Available among the large inventory on eBay, a Ganesh statue may be just what you need to permanently change your luck for the better.