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About Ganesh

Multiple arms, the head of an elephant, and thousands of years old: does that sound interesting? Perhaps one of the most well-known gods of Hinduism, Ganesh is a popular deity worshiped in many different religions and sects. Primarily found in Hinduism and sects therein, this elephant-headed god is also found in Buddhism, Jainism, and beyond. His very identifiable characteristics, such as many arms and his elephant head, make him very recognizable. Believed traditionally to be the son of Shiva and Parvati, Ganesh is seen to have many different connotations. He is seen as the remover of obstacles, the lord of learning, and also the personification of primal sound. Ganesh also makes an appearance in Kundalini yoga where he is said to reside in the first chakra as the base of the spine. If Ganesh interests you, you can find many collectible items representing and depicting him on eBay from many reliable sellers. Whether you want a Ganesh poster for your bedroom or a Ganesh shirt for your wardrobe, there are many options available for those interested in Hinduism.