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About Gameboy Color

For years, Mario entertained gamers by jumping, bouncing, sliding, and flying through his side-scrolling adventures on the Game Boy. In 1998, he went one better and started doing it all in color, thanks to the release of the Game Boy Color. The fabulous portable Game Boy Color consoles were a revolutionary step in gaming. Not only did they offer color in the palm of your hand, they were also backwards compatible, and it was possible to use them to play original Game Boy games. This ensured a large library of games already existed as soon as the system launched. Modern handheld game systems are more technologically advanced, of course, but the Game Boy Color remains popular, and "old school" gamers still actively seek working consoles and games. If you want to get one for yourself, reliable sellers on eBay offer numerous options. You can also find other accessories, such as Game Boy Color cases and all the games you could want, including good old Mario.