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About Mario Game Boy Advance

Whether he's leaping between giant mushrooms or speeding around a frosty go-kart track, Mario is one of the most energetic and lovable mascots in video game history. You can enjoy many of the plumber's greatest adventures with Game Boy Advance Mario games, and eBay's reliable sellers offer listings for all the cartridges you need to start playing. For example, you can pick out updated versions of each of Mario's original NES games. These are very similar to the revamped 16-bit versions of the games released on the SNES' Super Mario All-Stars, and they are great as pick-up-and-play portable games. The beloved Super Mario World is also available for the GBA, and you can find the rare SNES classic, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. If racing is your thing, grab a copy of Mario Kart: Super Circuit. The game offers numerous new courses in addition to the tracks from the original SNES Mario Kart. Sports fans should also enjoy Mario Golf: Advance Tour, and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Other great games featuring the lovable mustachioed Mario include Mario Pinball Land and Mario Party Advance. With so many great games to choose from, you may never run out of Game Boy Advance Mario action.