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About Gameboys

You are on your first family road trip when your two twin boys start to get a little fussy. What on earth did parents do before the invention of the Game Boy? To quiet the little tikes up and give yourself some peace of mind, you simple pass two handheld systems to the backseat and keep driving. The Nintendo Game Boy is a true innovation of gaming history. Starting out with many humble titles, including Tetris and Pokemon Red and Blue, the Nintendo Game Boy has seen many iterations and new generations, including the Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and the more decent Nintendo DS and 3DS. You can find every generation of Game Boy available on eBay from many reliable sellers, along with hundreds of games to go with it. You can even find accessories like battery packs, styluses for the DS, and clip on lights for the older models that came sans backlight. Never have a boring roadtrip again. Grab a Game Boy to entertain your children... or yourself.