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About Galvanized Tubs

Galvanization is the process through which metal is coated with zinc oxide in order to keep the metal intact longer. This means that those galvanized tubs you picked up last week should keep looking great for years to come. You can do a lot with a galvanized metal tub or two. They make terrific planters in the garden, especially for smaller yards or for patio gardens. Plant a few herbs in one or two tubs, and you can have fresh herbs for any dish you want to make. For parties, a galvanized steel tub makes a fantastic cooler for drinks. It is stylish, and a conversation starter, but more importantly, it can hold a ton of ice and drinks. When the party is over, dump out the ice and put the tub right back in the garage or basement until you need it again. It also makes a great rustic decor item in the house. Roll up some guest towels, and no one has to wonder what to dry their hands with. Because of the vast inventory on eBay, you can find enough galvanized tubs to suit any purpose at all at your home.