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About Gallons

When it comes to items that are sold in cans and bottles, more is almost always better, because you usually save at least a few dollars by buying in bulk. A gallon can or bottle is equal to 128 ounces of product, ensuring plenty for extended use or for use by multiple people. Gallon beer cans are ideal for parties when you do not want a keg. These stay cool, are easier to move around, and can serve several people before a new one needs to be opened. A shampoo gallon container is perfect for people who work with hair, because it allows you to serve dozens of customers before opening a new bottle. These generally have a pump top, so you never have to physically lift the container to dispense shampoo. Regardless of the gallon container you need, you can find it on eBay by browsing through the listings posted by reliable sellers. Since a gallon container is heavy, enjoy the convenient shipping options and have your selection delivered right to your door.