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About G35 Lips

Cruising down the highway, you drive pass another G35, except it seems different, as if it was built to be lower to the ground. You like it the look, the more aggressive flare and you have just noticed the chassis is not what is different, it is just the front-bumper and it has a G35 Lip. Automotive lips were created to provide more downforce for a race-car so the vehicle would stay on the track, now many are created just for aesthetic purposes. The factory G35 Lip kit features a lip for each underside of the car—the sides, front, and rear. The G35 N1 Lip features an extended bottom and is built for performance applications. The style of the lip allows the car to manipulate the air to flow around the car and create less wind resistance. There are many different types and brands of lips to choose from; fortunately, the reliable sellers on eBay offer large inventories of automotive parts as well as convenient shipping options making the process of buying a G35 Lip as easy as a click away.