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About G Unit

You are a keen amateur rapper who hopes to make it big one day and that will never happen if you do not look the part, too. The G-Unit was originally a group of rappers, and the clothing side of the business was established in 2003 when 50 Cent began collaborating with the famous designer Marc Ecko. This partnership saw the pair create a popular line of clothing and accessories inspired by 50 Cent and the rest of the members of his group. G-Unit clothing has proved a great success and is sure to appeal to anyone who wants to display their hip-hop pedigree. With an enormous range of top-quality items available, G-Unit manufactures both clothing and accessories, from jeans, hoodies, and shirts to chains, caps, and even G-Unit shoes. No matter which item of G-Unit apparel for which you happen to be looking, you can find exactly what you need on eBay. With thousands of trusted vendors offering a massive range of clothing and accessories, you will find a larger selection than any regular clothing store can offer and browse the entire G-Unit range from the comfort of home.