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About Fusion Hair Extensions

Long hair and sexy volume is not easy to achieve without a little help. Fusion hair extensions are an option that allows you to achieve both with relative ease. These bond to your scalp and blend well with your natural hair so that it is not obvious that you have extensions in. If your hair is fine, a cold bonding method with a keratin hardening solution is best. Hot bonding is best to apply the extensions at the hair's base. This type of hair extension can last as long as 6 months and you can wash, condition, and style your hair as you normally do. You can use heat styling and any hair product without harming the extensions. If you are applying extensions at home, a U Tip version is ideal due to pre-bonding, saving you a step that is difficult to do on your own. If you want a professional to do the job, simply bring your extensions to the salon for placement. Check out the vast inventory of fusion hair extensions on eBay.