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About Furniture Legs

You stare blankly into your new home as you realize just how much furniture you need, and just how much everything it is going to cost. If you are ready to tackle a few projects, you can save yourself a little extra money by building your own furniture pieces and utilizing pre-fabricated furniture legs. Furniture legs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can be used on everything from dining room tables to coffee tables to sofas to chairs. With the right plans and mindset, you can build all of these pieces of furniture. For example, dining tables are 30 inches standard, so a set of four wooden furniture legs 29.25 inches tall and a 0.75-inch tabletop combine to make a great dining table. Adjustable metal furniture legs combined with a reclaimed barn door create an eclectic coffee table. Unfinished furniture legs give you the opportunity to stain or paint to achieve your desired finish, so you get the exact style you want. The possibilities are endless with the large inventory of furniture legs available on eBay, and your home can be furnished in no time with unique pieces that you cannot find anywhere else.