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About Furby

Furby is Hasbro's answer to the age-old obsession with toys that come to life. Furby, a sleepy-eyed fictional animal resembling a rodent-bird with pointy ears and a beak, is a learning toy. What does it learn? English, for one. All Furbys are programmed to speak Furbish, a fabricated tongue, and they eventually acquire more English the longer they live in your home. Don't worry. Furbish-English dictionaries are available. It's your child's responsibility to feed and play with Furby and see that he gets enough sleep. The more you interact with Furby, the more his personality develops. When your child talks to Furby, tickles him, dances with him, sings with him or turns him upside down, Furby is receiving input that shapes his personality. Although Furby can't understand or repeat the words you speak, he does have motion sensors that can tell when you're in the room, when you touch him and when music plays. Furby responds to external stimuli by talking, blinking, making facial expressions, wiggling around and dancing. Furbys come in a variety of bright colors, and new models have LCD eyes that can better communicate how Furby is feeling by displaying shapes, such as stars and hearts. What's more, Furbys can communicate with other Furbys when they're in close proximity, and if there are enough of them, they may even start singing together. This electronic doll enjoyed huge popularity when it was released in 1998. A short-lived TV series, "Furby Island," resulted. Now, you can download a free application that unlocks a world of Furby entertainment, games and more.