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About Fur Wrap

Imagine the delicate brush of the finest insulation nature has ever designed against your neck and shoulders. The style and comfort of a fur wrap comes from its origination, whichever animal that afforded its bounty. Fur will always carry an aura of the exquisite and the luxurious, but a true fur is usually found in a vintage fur wrap. Advancements in the production of synthetic fibers have allowed the development of faux fur as a replacement, and aside from the most carefully trained eye, it is largely unmistakable from authentic fur. Reliable sellers on eBay have listed various fur wrap options, from the genuine vintage fur wrap to the more commonly worn faux fur wrap. Collectors and antiquarians with a taste for historic clothing revel in fur garments; very much the crème de la crème in fashionable garments until other styles began to compete in the final half of the century, fur represents the classical exotic, never outrageous in presentation, but warm and luxurious, through and through.