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About Funny Cars

Have you always dreamed of being a Funny Car driver, but never had the opportunity? Well, you can make and collect models of these cars and enjoy this hobby in your own home. These racing cars are one of the four professional categories of the National Hot Rod Association, in addition to Top Fuel, Pro Stock, and Pro Stock Motorcycle. These hot rod drag-racing vehicles are similar to the Top Fuel cars, except for their shorter wheelbase and carbon-fiber body that looks similar to production-based cars. They are known for their strange appearance and feature a front-mounted engine, a closed cockpit, and an elongated one-piece body. People also refer to these racers as “floppers.” They race side by side down a straight 1,000-foot track, and can exceed 315 mph, with races finishing as quickly as four seconds. The 1/16 Funny Cars are popular collectibles. The 1/16 scale model car or car kit is especially desirable as a vintage Funny Car, such as the 1/16 Hawaiian Dodge Charger. Whether you are searching for parts for your model car, or looking for your dream hot rod collectible, you can shop eBay for a new or pre-owned Funny Car model from reliable sellers. Find that hot rod model car and do your own stunts—in your dreams.