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About Funko Pops

Can you remember the excitement and joy that playing with your favorite characters brought? Funko Pops seek to deliver that joy to children around the world by rendering realistic figurines of popular children's characters from a wide variety of storylines. Funko Pop Disney, for example, features popular characters like WALL-E. Kids can take the Pops around with them as they play through the day, sharing their worlds with their favorite characters as they adventure onwards. Funko Pops are made to look cute, with wide eyes and disproportionately large heads meant to attract affection and connection. Funko Pops also come with a special collector's edge: the chase piece that is randomly sent out to stores. Funk Pop Chase pieces come at a 1:36 ratio. The Chase piece has a chrome base and is crafted with glow in the dark plastic, making it desirable for kids of all ages. Funko Pops are great for kids, but they also have built a significant collector's community in recent years. Funko Pops are a fun present for children at any time of the year, simply browse the vast inventory available on eBay and find the right one for your little one.

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