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Shop the extensive inventory of TV and movie character toys including collectible FUNKO bobbleheads!

About Funko

Funko figures pack a powerful punch in the fun department, with characters ranging from Batman to Winnie the Pooh, Shazam to Sheldon Cooper. The Funko pop collection is cute enough that even young children enjoy them, but cool enough for fans who are far older as well. If you are new to the Funko world, a Funko lot gives you an instant collection. Go for all the characters from one favorite movie or TV show, such as Star Wars or The Big Bang Theory, or opt for all bobbleheads or all Funko pop characters, still in their original boxes. A Funko prototype is the ultimate collectible, far rarer than any commercially available Funko characters. Prototypes exist for all sorts of characters, such as Rat Fink, Cinderella, or even Nelson from The Simpsons. Collect an entire assortment of Funko characters to keep, show off, or trade with your friends. No matter which Funko items you need for your collection, reliable sellers on eBay have a fun, funky selection to choose from.