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About Fuller Brushes

You cautiously reached out your hand to touch the bristles on the brush on your mother’s vanity. If you were a child of the 1950s, your mom probably brushed your hair, and hers, with a Fuller brush. When the doorbell rang and the Fuller salesperson opened his case full of new personal and household products, it felt like Christmas to a busy homemaker. Vintage Fuller brush products, available on eBay, have a nostalgic feel and recall the days of sock hops and drive-in movies. Beyond just using them for display, the full line of functional products made everyday life easier. A fuller shaving brush was a staple at barbershops at the time, and your dad probably used one at home. The nylon bristles evenly spread the shaving cream on his face, allowing him to get a close, smooth shave for a professional look. The Fuller emblem on their products represented the pride they put into their products, which were made to last. They can take of your aesthetic needs for a long time to come.