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About Full Body Suits

Spider-Man, Lara Croft, and Trinity from "The Matrix" all have one thing in common other than their large global fan following. Full body suits enhance these cinematic action figures, and such an outfit can do the same for you. It outlines the contours of your body and shows off those rippling muscles underneath. The elastic fabric does not hamper your movement or athleticism in any way. Since they are permeable and soft as well, you stay comfortable for long hours despite the tight fit. A full body Spandex suit costume completely covers your torso, hands, and legs. Some designs may also have a face mask as part of the one-piece suit. The vast inventory of wacky body suit costumes on eBay has everything, from neon colors to skeleton and tuxedo waiter prints. Beat the winter chills by slipping into a full body Lycra spandex skin suit, and sleep like a baby through the night. Full body suits are like your second skin; once you slip into them, you are reluctant to take them off.