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About Fulcrum

Three aerospace engineers impassioned about bikes and young at heart began the European company, Fulcrum Wheels s.l.r., which manufactures the Fulcrum brand of wheels and components for on and off-road travel. When you buy a Fulcrum wheelset, crankset, or other biking accessory, you enjoy increased momentum and speed on your rides. Since created from lighter weighted materials such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and polyaramide, these products perform optimally for intense bike riding. But the lightweight materials are also engineered to keep your wheels strong and robust, so you can jet down that mountain. As you pedal, the Fulcrum crankset handles the intense pressure and serves as a drivetrain so the chain continues to rotate, powering your back wheel. To purchase the Fulcrum line of new or used products, search through the listing of reliable eBay sellers. Enjoy the energy rush you feel climbing uphill or streaming downhill thanks to your great new purchase.