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About Fuel Valves

When your car knocks, sputters, and literally sounds like it is choking to death, it is time to take a look at the fuel pump and fuel valve. These components work together to ensure the smooth flow of gasoline to the vehicle's engine. When a problem occurs with this system, the engine either does not get enough fuel to run at all, or the flow is intermittent, which causes the choking and sputtering. In a related manner, the valve also works as a fuel shut off valve to prevent too much gasoline from flooding the engine because of a faulty pump. Backup power generators for home use also feature generator fuel valves to safely control the flow of propane, gasoline, or other type of fuel. At various points in time, you may find that you need a replacement fuel valve for your car, lawn mower, generator, or other equipment. The sellers on eBay offer an immense selection of replacement parts for numerous types of engines.