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About Fuel Hoses

A vehicle's fuel hose transports fuel through its heart: the engine. Therefore, having a faulty hose can greatly affect the vehicle's performance, and even the condition of other parts such as the carburetor, fuel injector, and the engine itself. Since gas-operated vehicles were used, fuel hoses were as important as the invention of the wheel. Rubber hoses are very flexible and common in almost all vehicles, but for extra durability and protection from heat, braided or steel hoses are often the better option. To fill up a vehicle or gasoline generator with fuel, a fuel transfer hose works well. In fact, on eBay shoppers can find new and lightly used hoses with suction pumps for quick fuel transfer. For water vehicles such as a jet ski or speedboat, a specialized marine fuel hose works best as it can ensure safety and optimum performance while operating on the water. Use the right fuel hose, and ensure your vehicle functions optimally and lasts long.