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Shop the extensive inventory of fashion items including FUBU clothing for men!

About FUBU

Urban street wear never reached the height of popularity anywhere quite like it has at FUBU. The acronym stands for “For Us, By Us”, making it clear the designers have their customers in mind when they create every article of clothing and accessory. With the humble beginnings in a make shift factory out of founder Daymond John’s house, FUBU considers themselves part of their market, and their market a part of them. Often considered the traditional garb of the hip-hop community, the company has released several records of their own, each of which reaching the Billboard charts, further justifying their place in the niche. On eBay, reliable sellers have used and new merchandise, from urban shoes to FUBU hats, and everything in-between. With new products being released regularly, FUBU offers the hottest new clothing trends in urban street wear. You are just a click away from adding a unique style and recognizable brand name to your wardrobe.