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About Fruits Basket

When Tohru Honda goes to live with the Sohmas after her mother's death, no one anticipates the mysterious events she will encounter. The dark secret of the Sohma family curse and Tohru's battle to free those possessed by the signs of the Zodiac is the basis for the popular Fruits Basket series of anime television shows and books or manga. Fans and collectors will thrill to the wide selection of Fruits Basket merchandise available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Fruits Basket anime shows come in DVD format and include the complete 26-episode television series. Plush anime toys and pillows of Kyo the cat would charm any child, or they can be used for display. Anime fans will enjoy reading the 23-volume Fruits Basket manga series that covers the entire story of Tohru and her exciting adventures. Delve into the Fruits Basket world for hours of fun and absorbing reading and enjoy the uniquely beautiful drawings and animation that made this series so popular.

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