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About Fruit Crates

Carefully creating and tending to your own garden has left you with more fruits and vegetables than you first envisioned and you are overflowing with homegrown goodies. Utilizing a fruit crate to harness the extras is a great solution. Consider embracing the ways of the past and use wooden fruit crates. Wooden crates are durable and are resistant to most weather conditions when the wood is properly treated and they are sturdy enough to carry heavier fruits, such as melons and apples. When purchasing your wooden crates, you will want to ensure that they are constructed with gaps in between the planks to promote proper ventilation for your fruits. If you do not necessarily need a fruit crate for transportation of your fruit, you can still enjoy the decor that a vintage fruit crate provides in your home. No matter the reason you have for wanting a fruit crate, make sure to search on eBay first to find a large selection of available crates.