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About Frock Coats

Step back into the past and take on the look of a true gentleman from yesteryear when you put on a frock coat as part of your hobby, costume, or dress-up event. Men wore Frock coats — longer than today's suit jackets and often resembling formal tuxedo jackets — mainly during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Soldiers' uniforms of the time also incorporated the frock coat design. Today's Civil War reenactors wear authentic or newly made reproduction frock jackets as part of their "uniforms," although the real thing is hard to come by and should probably be in a museum. If you are going to a costume party dressed as a pirate, consider a longer and more elaborate type of frock coat. A knee-length coat made of velvet with big brass buttons, gold piping details, and large, embroidered satin cuffs works well. A Western frock coat, or duster, gives you the basis to create an outfit in steampunk style. You can find just the right kind of frock coats, including reproduction Union and Confederate coats, when you choose from the vast inventory on eBay.