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About Friendship - Jewelry & Watches

You can vividly remember the pride and joy that you felt sitting in the center of your bed making a friendship bracelet with your best friend. These handmade friendship bracelets were trophies of sorts, designed to show how much you adored your friends. Ironically enough, you’re now finding that your little girl and all of her friends want to make some of these trinkets themselves, so you have decided to help them on their journey. You check the listings on eBay, finding a great deal on a friendship bracelet lot. The package that you order includes handmade mixed color wood beads, leather cords, thread cords, and even some small ornamental trinkets like seashells to include in the finished bracelet. When the materials arrive, you throw a small friendship bracelet party with your little girl and her friends. They all "ooh and ahh" as they each finish their own genuine bracelets to trade among each other, forging a memory that will surely last a lifetime in the process.