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About Frey Wille

For times when ordinary silver and gold baubles do not suffice, Frey Wille enamel jewelry may be just what you need to complete your look. Each piece of Frey Wille jewelry features a unique artistic design that is the product of innovative inspiration, historical research, and countless sketches in order to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and longevity. The fire enamel process that every piece undergoes helps ensure the characteristic luster and vibrant color, and the experienced artisans apply the enamel layer after layer by hand using a secret technique to make each Frey Wille glow with a rare brilliance. While the classic Frey Wille bracelet features an open-clasp design and gold or silver accents, Frey Wille earrings are available in a wide selection of styles, including post and drop designs. On eBay, reliable sellers offer a range of Frey Wille jewelry with convenient shipping options. From the comfort of home, find the perfect Frey Wille piece for your collection or to give as a gift that is sure to please.