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About Freshwater Pearls

A farmer hauls in a long line that stretches across a pond, revealing oyster after oyster attached to the rope. He is an oyster farmer and he's hopeful that this batch will give him plenty of freshwater pearls to sell. These pearls are smaller than their saltwater cousins, but they are no less beautiful and some of them come in brilliantly colored shades. While a white freshwater pearl necklace made out of perfectly round beads is always popular, it is possible to find all kinds of fun jewelry made from these gemstones. Freshwater pearl beads come in colors like blue, purple, and pink and they have oblong shapes that add a bit of variety to traditional pearl jewelry. There is a huge selection of quality freshwater pearls on eBay available from reliable sellers in both the newest fashions and vintage styles. If you are tired of boring pearl jewelry, spice up your collection by adding some colorful freshwater pieces into the mix.