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About French Clocks

Far from fluent, you may ask others to forgive your French, but when it comes to French clocks, no apology is necessary. These clocks date back to the 17th century and feature elaborate details celebrating opulence and the lifestyles of wealthy aristocrats and kings, like King Louis XIV. Today, you can find two distinct styles of French clocks. One style, called boulle, includes clocks with surrounding tortoise shell and inlays of brass, porcelain, pewter, and ivory. The second style, called religieuse, features clocks with brass and pewter overlays set among ebony veneers, which merge with dark, rich oak. On eBay, you can look for these clocks in those styles, thanks to a large inventory. You can search for French wall clocks that date back to the Regency period and feature smaller clock faces and lighter frames, making them suitable for hanging. Some clocks feature long tails, called pendulums, while others sport decorative designs, like statues and stands. You can look for clocks in different materials too, like French marble clocks. These clocks, with intricate designs, make marvelous displays in central locations around your house.